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Carrothers Canyon, oh yeah! Thanks Katura and others
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DSC_4572 Hole in the Wall Forms
DSC_4580 Hole in the Wall Forms
DSC_4588 Hole in the Wall Forms
DSC_4604 Mud Cracks
DSC_4617 Balancing Rock
DSC_4621 Carrothers
DSC_4630 - 2 Table
DSC_4634 Carrothers
DSC_4635 Carrothers
DSC_4643 Carrothers
DSC_4650 Carrothers
DSC_4652 Carrothers
DSC_4653 Carrothers
DSC_4654 Carrothers
DSC_4656 Carrothers
DSC_4657 Carrothers
DSC_4658 Carrothers
DSC_4661 Carrothers
DSC_4665 Carrothers
DSC_4666 Carrothers
DSC_4668 Carrothers
DSC_4672 Carrothers
DSC_4682 Carrothers Liz
DSC_4683 Carrothers

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