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South to North all the way
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DSC_4772 Chicago Valley
DSC_4780 Ibex Pass rocks
DSC_4784 DV South End
DSC_4787 Ibex Hills
DSC_4798 Echo Canyon
DSC_4803 Echo Canyon
DSC_4816 Echo Canyon
DSC_4832 Echo Canyon
DSC_4841 Echo Canyon
DSC_4843 Echo Canyon
DSC_4844 Echo Canyon
DSC_4846 Echo Canyon
DSC_4850 Anticline
DSC_4853 Inyo Mine
DSC_4855 Inyo Mine
DSC_4856  Inyo Mine
DSC_4862 Inyo Mine Springs
DSC_4869 Self - Inyo Mine
DSC_4870 Inyo Mine
DSC_4886 Inyo Mine
DSC_4894 Inyo Mine
DSC_4898 Sag
DSC_4901 Red
DSC_4903 Bent

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